Do you know who the largest companies by market cap are? This article will give you a list of the top biggest companies. We'll also discuss what these large corporations do, how they compare to other businesses in their sector and answer some common questions people have about them. The best part is that we've included reviews for each company so you can get an idea if they're worth investing your time into or not!

Largest Companies by Market Cap

How are market value and market capitalization determined?

The market value of a company is determined by multiplying its current stock price with the total number of outstanding shares.

Market capitalization, on the other hand, is equal to the share's price multiplied by "the number of stocks that are issued in an initial public offering or secondary sale".

Both metrics are dependent on one another and will change as either number go up or down.

Investors tend to focus more heavily on market cap because it better illustrates what they're actually investing into - how much money they're buying per dollar invested. Market value can be misleading since it doesn't take into account debt or overall liquidity available within a firm which will have implications when dividing them up between different investors/ownership groups.

What does the market cap indicate?

An investor would pay $40 for a share of stock in company A, and the market cap is $100. This means it will cost them half as much to buy into that same size position as opposed to Company B which has a market value of $200 per share even though it's only worth twice as much.

Market Cap can be looked at both ways: how many dollars does it take to control one percent of a business or what must I invest so each dollar invested becomes a certain percentage of equity ownership? It depends on your perspective but either way, you look at Market Cap there are two components - number of shares outstanding and price per share – needed to calculate this metric.

Both metrics are dependent on one another and will change.

Which Companies Belong to the Elite Trillion-Dollar Club?

Currently, there are only two publicly traded companies that have a market value of over one trillion dollars: Apple and Amazon. There's also Microsoft who is close at $885 billion but still doesn't quite make it into this elite group. Perhaps in another year or so they'll get there too! The next company on the list with a market valuation of more than half a trillion dollars is Google (Alphabet) which comes in third place with $652 billion. After Alphabet comes Facebook ($528 billion), Berkshire Hathaway (#40 - $519 billion), Johnson & Johnson ($514 B). On number five we find Exxon Mobil Corp., followed by Tencent Holdings Limited.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976, this company has revolutionized personal computing. Today they have a market cap of $870 billion which makes them the most valuable publicly-traded company on earth. The iPhone is their biggest product but there are also Mac computers, iPad tablets, Apple Watch smartwatches, and AirPods wireless earphones to consider as well! Then you've got the iTunes store for all your digital entertainment needs while at home listening through HomePod speakers perhaps?


FacebookIncorporation was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. It's headquartered at the social media giant's campus known as "the Facebook" located in Menlo Park California where 12 000 employees work. They're most associated with having a huge following on social media.

Alphabet Incorporated

Alphabet Incorporatedwas formed to manage Google, which is their biggest product but they have lots of other things too like Android OS for smartphones and tablets (and Chromebooks), Chromecast streaming dongles, Nest smart home products, self-driving cars through Waymo LLC, etc! Then there are all those G Suite tools: Gmail, Docs and Drive if you need them while working out of Hangouts Meet video conferencing or maybe even using your Pixel smartphone?

Tesla Inc.

Tesla Inc. became a publicly traded company in 2010 and has had some rough days since then, but they've got a ton of fans who have been loyal to the brand. Their mission is "to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy" by making all-electric vehicles that are affordable for more people as well as building solar panels and battery packs.

They're not just known for those things though: there's also their Energy products like Powerwall which lets you store up power during the day so you can use it at night even if your electricity isn't available or cheap enough yet. They also want to help other companies with their renewable efforts through Tesla Grohmann Au.