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There is a lot of information about a business and sometimes it is difficult to find the necessary data about a particular company. On our site, we have collected information about most of the US companies. Companies are collected in our directory in alphabetical order so that it is easy for you to find the company you are interested in. Also on our site there are interesting articles about various industries and leading companies in these industries.

America has long been considered the land of opportunity where anyone who is willing to go out and work hard can find a job that allows them to live comfortably with access to decent health care, food on their table as well as superior education opportunities compared even to other first world countries. In fact, there are more millionaires per capita in America than anywhere else on Earth according to this report from CNBC.


Business is the backbone of the United States economy. The US Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that in 2017, more than $8 trillion dollars worth of goods and services were sold between businesses. This includes all sectors: agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and trade industries as well as construction and retail service industries.

In 2016 – a full year before Trump's tax reform was implemented – business taxes paid for 35% of the federal government's revenue at a cost over $326 billion dollars to American taxpayers through corporate income taxes alone. This represents an increase from 1916 when corporations contributed only about 20 percent toward total Federal Revenue which included excise taxes on railroads and cigarettes along with customs duties collected by U.S. Customs agencies which were the primary sources of revenue at that time.

The business contributes hundreds of billions in tax revenues to federal, state, and local governments annually while employing millions across several sectors including manufacturing, construction, retail sales along with professional services such as banking institutions or insurance companies.